Grimes Bridge Roundabout

Completed complicated right-of-way negotiations and constructed the City’s first roundabout located at the intersection of Grimes Bridge Road, Warsaw Road, and Norcross Street. The project, completed in June 2011, is a highly successful, innovative, safety and congestion solution to a five-way intersection.

Houze / Hembree Roundabout

Under Rich’s leadership, the City obtained 100% funding from the Georgia DOT for the design and construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Houze Road and Hembree Road. This heavily traveled intersection suffers from significant traffic congestion in all directions during rush hours. The design is currently under way and will include sidewalks and a multi-use trail in addition to the roundabout itself. It is anticipated that construction will begin in Fall 2015.

Holcomb Bridge Corridor Study

Improvements to the intersection of Holcomb Bridge Road and GA400 have been a priority for Rich since he took office. The Holcomb Bridge Corridor Study will provide improvements to the bridge itself as well as intersection improvements from Warsaw Road (Olive Garden) to Holcomb Woods Parkway (Home Depot). The project focuses on increasing safety, reducing congestion and improving the aesthetics along this stretch of Holcomb Bridge Road.

As the only Roswell exit off of GA400, Holcomb Bridge Road serves as a gateway to Roswell. It is important that this intersection provides a good first impression for our visitors. Early design concepts for the bridge include using brick and historic elements seen in our historic district, enhanced sidewalks and pedestrian lighting, and landscaping consistent with a City gateway. Federal funding was secured for 80% of the design, GDOT has committed to $3.2 million and Roswell residents have committed $6 million in bond funding.

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Historic Gateway

Another priority for Rich has been the improvement of South Atlanta Street from the Chattahoochee River to the Historic Square. To achieve this goal, the Historic Gateway project is currently under way. The project which includes the removal of the reversible lanes will increase safety, improve access, enhance aesthetics, and promote redevelopment. In order to ensure that the improvements look and feel uniquely Roswell, a task force of several dozen residents and business owners has been assembled to provide feedback to our consultants throughout the process.

As the Southern entrance into Roswell, the Historic gateway will include sidewalks, multi-use trails, period lighting and landscaping to complement the National Park. Significant changes to the intersection of South Atlanta and Azalea/Riverside are also being planned in addition to a connection to the new pedestrian/bike bridge over the Chattahoochee River.

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Blue Ribbon Committee, Chairman

This Mayor & Council approved committee consists of a group of design and business professionals who are dedicated to identifying redevelopment sites and gaining a clear understanding of ownership issues, economics, market dynamics, and physical constraints that impact redevelopment potential. The goal is to understand the redevelopment potential for each property. The committee has also discussed potential transportation improvements because efficient, quality infrastructure plays a significant role in creating development potential. To date we have explored options for an assemblage along South Atlanta Street, the redevelopment of several properties including Roswell Village, Roswell Town Center, Kings Market, Roswell Commons (Value Village), the Grove Way area and along the Mansell Road extension. Transportation discussions have led to the pursuit of the Historic Gateway project, pedestrian connectivity around Canton Street, the early exit ramp off of GA400 and the alignment of the Mansell Road extension. Recently, the role of the Blue Ribbon Committee has been reduced due to the creation of two excellent economic development organizations, Roswell Inc. and the Roswell Development Authority.

Midtown Roswell

During my first campaign, I promised that I would make the approval of the streetscape improvements to Midtown Roswell a priority. After two years of perseverance, working with City staff, GDOT staff and GDOT Boardmember Brandon Beach, we finally received approval and completed construction during the Fall of 2011.

Midtown Roswell, the Highway 9 corridor between Norcross Street and Holcomb Bridge Road, is important because it is one of our best opportunities for redevelopment. It is also one of the most visible, yet deteriorating, corridors in Roswell. Several years ago, the City received a grant for streetscape improvements for this corridor that include enhancing sidewalks, adding trees and landscaping, and improving traffic flow. These improvements have created a more pleasant, pedestrian friendly environment for people to walk, ride and shop. Land owners, developers and Fulton County Schools have been encouraged to invest in projects along the corridor as the City takes the lead in re- energizing the area.

Groveway Community Charrette

This 3-day design initiative brought together area residents, business owners, and design professionals from around the southeast to create a vision for the future of the Grove Way community. The resulting vision is for a unique community of residential, office, retail and community uses that draw upon Roswell’s historic character. Quality architecture and well designed streetscapes were seen as priorities as well as maintaining a walk-able community with a pedestrian scale.

North Fulton CID and the Sun Valley Connector

Rich sponsored the first meeting between the City of Roswell and the North Fulton CID. This historic meeting resulted in the two organizations agreeing to a collaborative effort to design a connector road between Sun Valley Road, Warsaw Road and Old Ellis Road. The connector will relieve congestion at Mansell Road and Alpharetta Highway, and will provide much needed connectivity between Alpharetta Highway and the business parks to the east. This additional access will provide opportunities for redevelopment.

Public Works and Environmental

Under Rich Dippolito’s leadership and direction, the Public Works and Environmental Departments accomplished the following.

Recycling Education
Created the annual “Ready, Set, Recycle!” contest in conjunction with Keep Roswell Beautiful to encourage recycling among students. Local public and private schools participated to recycle 28,313 pounds of material in the first 3 months of the program.
Trail Master Plan
Explored opportunities to expand our current trail systems beyond our parks by utilizing existing easements and flood plains along our rivers and creeks. This research drew the attention of a local landscape firm that has offered pro bono assistance to create a master plan for trails throughout the City.
New Water Plant
Began construction of the new 3 Million gallon per day water plant and 10 million gallon raw water storage tank. Construction is anticipated to be completed by the first quarter of 2016. The new plant will reduce the City’s water production costs and is forecast to save the City $11.6 million over a 20-year period.
Water Quality
Choosing to lead by example, the Environmental department worked closely with Recreation and Parks to complete two watershed improvement projects to demonstrate best management practices in providing water quality. The projects will protect the environment by filtering stormwater run-off before it enters our local streams.
Storm Water Detention
Established a policy for the creation and implementation of shared storm water facilities that will reduce the number of unsightly ponds and provide additional incentives for redevelopment. Initial projects include shared detention to be constructed along the new Sun Valley connector and in the Groveway Community.
Recycling Services
Expanded recycling services for our residents by adding polystyrene (Styrofoam) collection, and expanding Bulky Trash Amnesty and Hazardous Waste Collection days.
Alternative Fuels
Implemented a pilot program to use cleaner alternative fuels to gasoline by converting ten pick-up trucks to run on propane and obtaining a 500 gallon storage tank to enable the use of bio-diesel fuel.


Under Rich Dippolito’s leadership and direction, the Transportation Department also accomplished the following.

Holcomb Bridge East Sidewalks
Constructed multiple sidewalks along the north side of Holcomb Bridge Road to provide continuous sidewalks from Holcomb Bridge Middle School to Champions Green Parkway to the west, and to Barnwell Road to the East. Design is currently underway for a multi-use trail on the south side of the road to connect the school to Steeplechase Drive to both the east and west. Eventually the multi-use trail will extend to Garrard’s Landing.
North Fulton Comprehensive Transportation Plan
Participated in a multi-city study that identified regionally significant transportation projects in North Fulton. This collaborative effort resulted in a report that was adopted by the cities of Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Roswell and Sandy Springs, and will be used to help determine the priority of regional projects as funding becomes available.
Big Creek Bridge Road Alignment
Completed the alignment study for the Big Creek Bridge Road. This new road will provide east west connectivity for Roswell residents and will reduce congestion on Holcomb Bridge Road. It will also provide much needed access to properties in the northwest quadrant.
Holcomb Bridge Road and Alpharetta Highway Intersection Improvements
Construction is underway on one of the most heavily traveled intersections in the City. These improvements add turn lanes and extends medians to improve safety and improve traffic flow.
Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS)
Finalizing design for an ATMS system that will have the ability to remotely monitor and adjust the City’s traffic signals from a central Operational Traffic Control Center. The system will greatly enhance traffic flow along State Route 140/92 from Cobb to Gwinnett and along State Route 9 from Sandy Springs to Alpharetta.
Oak Street Streetscape
Completed complex utility negotiations and commenced construction on streetscape improvements that will lead to redevelopment. Buried or relocated utilities, new sidewalks and landscaping will make Oak Street a desirable destination that is located between South Atlanta Street and Waller Park. This project was funded 100% by a CDBG grant.
Swaybranch Road Connectivity Project
Constructed a new road connection, at no cost to the City, that provides a continuous parallel road south of Holcomb Bridge Road. Local traffic can now travel between Grimes Bridge Road and Warsaw Road without entering onto Holcomb Bridge Road. The additional connectivity and access will enhance opportunities for redevelopment in the area.
Oxbo Road Intersection
Commenced design of the relocation of one of the highest accident intersections in the City. This highly, innovative solution to re-route Oxbo Road and to provide an additional north-south road connection will greatly increase safety and connectivity between the Historic Square and the City Hall area.
Chattahoochee River Bike/Pedestrian Bridge
Rich met with and obtained approval from the Mayor and City Council of Sandy Springs to collaborate on the bridge design. This bike/pedestrian bridge will connect our two cities, and provide bike and pedestrian access to both park systems. This collaborative effort is under design and will be 80% funded by a Federal contribution.
Hardscrabble Road Improvements and Multi-use Trail
Commenced design of a GDOT funded project to make intersection improvements on Hardscrabble Road and to connect Roswell High School to Sweet Apple Elementary with a multi-use trail.
Hembree Road Multi-use Trail
Commenced design of a multi-use trail to connect Hembree Springs Elementary School and Elkins Pointe Middle School to Hembree Park and surrounding neighborhoods.
Mansell Road Extension
Completed and submitted a survey and traffic study for this road extension to GDOT for potential funding. This road improvement will reduce congestion at the Crossville/Holcomb Bridge Road and Alpharetta Highway intersection, will provide additional connectivity around the intersection and will increase access to parcels that have redevelopment potential.
State Route 120 Multi-use Trail
Received GDOT approval and commenced design to build a multi-use trail from the Historic Square to Willeo Road. This trail will provide cyclists and pedestrians with a safe route connecting the Chattahoochee trail system to the Historic Square.
Multiple Pedestrian and Bus Related Improvements
Completed the design and started construction on 1.85 miles of sidewalks with another 0.8 miles under design. Installed pedestrian countdown signals at 19 intersections, and started installation of 10 bus shelters and 15 bus seating areas. These improvements are funded 100% by MARTA and provide much needed access and shelter around the MARTA bus lines.
Historic Square Intersection Improvements
Completed the design of improvements at the intersection of State Route 9 and State Route 120. This project will provide safer pedestrian access between Barrington Hall and the Historic Square while improving vehicular safety at the intersection.
Crabapple/Rucker Intersection Improvement
Completed construction on the realignment of Rucker Road where it intersects Crabapple Road. This improvement increasing safety and reduces congestion at this intersection.
Bicycle Improvements
Installed bike boxes and sharrows in multiple locations throughout the city to improve safety for cyclists.
Speed Feedback Signs
Initiated a Speed Feedback Sign Rotation Program to provide traffic calming and control traffic speeds around the City.

Community Development

Under Rich Dippolito’s leadership and direction, the Community Development Department also accomplished the following.

Improved Permit Process
Sponsored a 3-day Lean Kaizen event that developed a streamlined land development permit process that reduces time and improves customer satisfaction. The process included representatives from each department, developers and elected officials.
Improved Zoning Notification
Amended the zoning notification requirements to increase the distance for nearby properties to receive zoning notices. Re-formatted zoning signs to make them more visible and easier to read.
Historic District Signage
Completed the location and design components of the comprehensive way-finding signage program for the Historic District. This program promotes tourism, assists visitors in locating city attractions and provides uniform signage throughout the district.
South Atlanta Street Corridor Study
Finalized and adopted the South Atlanta Street Corridor Study which was funded through an Atlanta Regional Commission Livable Centers Initiative grant. This study enabled the Groveway Community Charette and is a foundational document for the Historic Gateway project.
Expanded Use of Permitting System
Expanded the use of the Genero Software System for permitting and inspections. This system allows customers to log-in remotely to check on progress and greatly enhances interdepartmental coordination.
Mansell Road Extension Charrette
Sponsored a public meeting and input session for the design and alignment of this proposed connector road between Crossville Road and Alpharetta Highway. This road improvement will reduce congestion at the Crossville/Holcomb Bridge Road and Alpharetta Highway intersection, will provide additional connectivity around the intersection and will increase access to parcels that have redevelopment potential.
Find It All Roswell
Partnered with the Roswell Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to implement a city-wide marketing program to promote Roswell Businesses and to encourage residents and visitors to shop, dine and use services located in Roswell. Now in its third year, Find-it-All Roswell has been a successful economic development tool for the City.
Urban Redevelopment Plan
Created a comprehensive assessment of areas within the City’s aging commercial core that are in need of redevelopment. This analysis helped clearly define redevelopment areas and enabled Roswell to apply for and receive an Opportunity Zone designation.

Administration and Finance

Under Rich Dippolito’s leadership and direction, the Administration and Finance Departments accomplished the following.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Implemented a new city-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to increase efficiency across all areas of the City using information technology. The ERP implementation was cross-departmental initiative spearheaded by Administration that spanned several years and replaced or upgraded most of the software and hardware systems that are part of the City network.
Increased Communication
Increased the level of communication with the community through an increased number of press releases and newsletters, and the expanded use of social media and smart phone technology.
Bond Referendum
Provided comprehensive financial and cost/benefit analysis of potential bond projects, and effectively communicated this information to Roswell residents during an extensive outreach campaign. Roswell voters overwhelmingly supported to invest $14.7 million in a new fire station, recreation and parks projects, and transportation improvements with 65.32% of the vote.
Video Recording of City Council Meetings
In order to make City Council meetings more accessible, video equipment was installed in the Council Chambers. Videos are available on the City’s website. This added convenience will enable more residents to become informed and involved in the governing of the City.
Reorganized Municipal Court
The Municipal Court System was completely reorganized and several of its functions were outsourced to a third party. These adjustments added flexibility to staffing, reduced costs of running the court, increased efficiencies of personnel and work flow, and reduce court time for all attendees.